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Handling Difficult Customers Professionally (Online)

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Course Objective

Dealing with dissatisfied irate customers is more than just calming them down. It is about turning them around and making their experience more pleasant. However, if we do not know how to handle their dissatisfaction with finesse, they can become difficult. However, there is a very small percentage of customers who just want to be nasty. Regardless of the situations, staff members who fail to handle the difficult situation professionally, might escalate it into a crisis for company and customers. There are no winners when staff members and customers lose their cool. This workshop will equip participants with skills and knowledge to turn difficult situations into win-win outcomes for the company, customers and staff members. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: • Identify triggers that spark off difficult situations. • Manage challenging situations and customers tactfully, assertively and professionally. • Take control of unpleasant situations while remaining confident, competent, calm and in control.

Course Outline

1. Interaction and Escalation 2. Types of Difficult Customers 3. Stay Cool, Stay Calm 4. Disengagement Techniques


Emphasis is on experiential learning, case studies, role-plays and self-reflections. There will be short lectures, AV presentations and group exercises.

Target Audience

Frontline Managers, Executives, and all staff members


Ng Sor Cheng
Lucy is a passionate and highly motivated Specialist AE (Curriculum Development) who believes in developing and delivering quality training programmes that are aligned to the organisation’s strategic objectives. She has extensive experience in academic teaching and adult training. Lucy is a certified MBTI administrator and EQ facilitator. Lucy holds a MA in Instructional Design and Technology from NTU, a MBA from University of Western Australia, DACE and ACTA. Her areas of expertise include conducting training needs analysis, developing and delivering WSQ and non-WSQ training programmes in the Training & Adult Education, Social Services, Service Excellence, Tourism, Leadership & People Management and Human Resource sectors.


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